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Executive Summary

The Materials Management Group (MMG) is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of the purchasing and supply management field.
The MMG provides the highest level of educational opportunities to our members through seminars and workshops.
The MMG recognizes the value of our volunteer base and extends the invitation to all members to work with the Board of Directors on committees to further our goals and objectives.

Background and History

The role of materials management is continually evolving. In 1915 the National Association of Purchasing Agents (NAPA) was founded and operated under that name until 1968. Then the name was changed to National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM). It was thought that by replacing agent with management our image would be enhanced and we would be perceived as more professional.

Then, in 2002 and in recognition of the increasing strategic and global significance of supply management, the National Association of Purchasing Management once again changed its name seeking to change its image, as well as broadening its role. The new name is Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

What is materials management? In January 1944, Professors Lewis and Livesey wrote that “Materials Management is concerned with the establishment of policies and execution of policies related to determining the amount (as distinguished by kind) of materials requirements: ordering, purchasing, storing and issuing; and maintaining all necessary inventory and control records.

In 1969, the APICS definition was “the grouping of management functions related to the complete cycle of materials flow, from the purchase and internal control of production materials, to the planning and controlled work in process, to the warehousing, shipping and distribution of finished goods.

The concept of managing materials through the supply chain has continued to evolve.
New knowledge has contributed to stretching the scope, boundaries, and relationships of the function. Literature in the late 20th century referred to materials management as Supply Chain Management or SCM. Current definitions of SCM range from a narrow functional perspective of controlling materials to the broader perspective of total integration within the business processes. Our focus supports the more traditional view, concentrating on all functions associated with materials as they flow through the supply chain.


The Materials Management Group (MMG) has partnered with ISM to be the leading supply management professional association.
The MMG promotes professional development, leading edge applications and networking opportunities in our broad profession.
Our field encompasses all aspects of purchasing, production planning, inventory management, warehousing, traffic, transportation and other related activities.
We are continuing to revitalize the MMG and invite affiliates to participate with us. We continue to establish closer ties with ISM affiliates and increasing MMG enrollment.


The Materials management Group (MMG) has partnered with ISM and exists to lead and serve the supply management profession.
MMG is committed to the educational and professional development of all practitioners in the materials management field.
For 23 years, MMG has sponsored hundreds of conference speakers, workshops, and seminars; all designed to keep ISM memberships informed of leading edge developments in the profession.
MMG will continue to collaborate with ISM and local affiliates to educate, advise, and inform supply management professionals.

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