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Strategic Plan
Business Plan

Business and Marketing Plan, 2017-2018


The Strategic Planning Committee consists of all Officers and Directors of the Material Management Group. Conference calls will be planned annually to review the goals and objectives, business plan, and the calendar of events outlined by MMG

  • To provide MMG members the opportunity to discuss and exchange information and knowledge.
  • To create educational opportunities and collaborate in the education and professional development of MMG members.
  • To engage communication with ISM and affiliates through website infrastructures and links.
  • Publish newsletter with articles of interest on materials management.
  • Collaborate to bring theorists and industry leaders together to synthesize the application of theoretical concepts highlighted in current literature.
The committee will have the opportunity to discuss, change, add and advise ways to improve the activities of the MMG.

The finance chair will present the annual budget that will be submitted to ISM.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a forum for MMG members to discuss and exchange information and knowledge.
  • To promote educational opportunities, aid in the education, and professional development of members of MMG.
  • To provide leading edge educational opportunities through MMG.
  • To provide and maintain website communications and links with ISM and affiliates.
  • To publish newsletters with articles of interest on materials management and related topics.
  • To co-sponsor workshop seminars with ISM Affiliates.
  • To conduct research for the purpose of aligning current theory and practice.
  • To send ISM MMG Chair to the 2018 ISM international conference to network with attendees to promote MMG and discuss possibility of sharing seminars in their areas.

To help realize these goals and objectives, the board supports sending a representative to the annual conference. This enables opportunities to meet with other Affiliate Executives to facilitate cooperation and propose event planning between us.

Marketing Plan and Event Schedule

The MMG manages a website to create an online presence for its members and others who wish to become familiar with the group and stay updated.
We have created a newsletter and plan to distribute semi-annually to MMG Members.
Also, we have planned various workshops and conferences throughout the year. Referenced below is the proposed schedule:

Co-sponsored Workshop Seminars with Affiliates in 2017-2018

Workshop with ISM-Canada date to be announced)

Other possibilties include:
The following are to be co-sponsored events with an anticipated attendance of 40 participants at a rate of $150 per attendee.
Expenses will be shared 50/50 with the affiliate as will net revenue after expenses are covered.

ISM/APICS Chapters in Grand Rapids area.
DDMRP Workshop with Cheryl Ptak