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Strategic Plan
Business Plan

The Strategic Planning Committee consists of all the Officers and Directors of the Material Management Group.
A conference call will be planned annually to review the goals and objectives outlined by the MMG, the business plan and the calendar of events.

  • Provide MMG members the opportunity to discuss and exchange information and knowledge.
  • Promote educational opportunities and aid in the education and professional development of MMG members.
  • Provide quality educational opportunities through MMG.
  • Provide and maintain website communications and links with ISM and the affiliates.
  • Publish a newsletter witn articles of interest on materials management.
  • Maintain effective leadership succession planing
  • Recruit volunteers through newsletter, website,B.O.D. contacts, etc.
  • Mentor volunteers by coaching and by involving them in various activities.

The committee will have the opportunity to discuss, change, add and advise ways to improve the activities of the MMG.

The finance chair will present the annual budget that will be submitted to ISM.