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The Materials Management Group (MMG) promotes professional development, best practices and networking opportunities within ISM affiliates, ISM Groups and Forums, and within our broad profession. Our field encompasses all aspects of materials management, including supply management, contracts, negotiation, production planning, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, traffic, transportation and other related activities. Over the past years, the MMG has sponsored hundreds of conference speakers, workshops, seminars, and other professional development activities.

We are continuing to revitalize the MMG and invite you to participate with us. We are in the process of establishing closer ties with ISM affiliates and increasing MMG enrollment. Visit our Web site: www.ismmmg.org and send us your materials-related questions or issues for commentary. We have a panel of materials management experts standing by to process and respond to your inquiries. We urge interested ISM members to enroll in the MMG through the ISM Web site www.ism.ws. We want to hear from ISM members who would like to help represent the MMG in their area or internationally. We need more volunteers and more ideas on how we can add value for our members and profession.

We are open to co-sponsoring events with ISM affiliates, groups and forums. We have many great speakers within our group and have been very successful in presenting seminars with the help of local affiliates. If your affiliate is interested in co-sponsoring with the MMG, please contact Karl Harward for available dates and potential speakers by email: karl.harward@slcgov.com